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Link N Freight is a new niche logistics / transportation state of the art platform. Designed with the proven and reliable 6 Sigma, just in time delivery, B2B, Cloud-Based Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Multi-modal transportation management systems (TMS), and Custom application consideration provider.

The primary emphasis within Link N Freight is focused on the shippers timely access to valued minimized cost / affordability; relative to a select carrier that respects the same value in return. This holistic approach reduces stress and optimizes the objective of simplifying your commodity exchange experience.


Link N Freight has a clear understanding of Third-party logistics (3PL), integrator parts of the supply chain occurrence referred to as third-party supply chain management providers (3PSCM) or supply chain chain management service providers (SCMSP), and Intermodal involving transportation within the rail, ship, and truck space. However, we have elected to stay focused on a truck specific logistics platform (TSLP) specializing in accommodating direct shippers & carriers.

Link N Freight has grass roots real time experience of actual driving / carrying freight, scheduling and driver management, asset based availability participation, and MC # approved and authorization. We have an unique understanding of the actual day to day nuances that take place within the equation of effectively and efficiently coordinating freight movement ultimately resulting in safety, success, and profitability.

Relationships & Communication

Unfortunately, in the rapid exchange of activities within the Logistics / Transportation environment, respect and kindness is often a low priority. Link N Freight values and understands the essence of the prompt effective communication etiquette unique to Logistics. This essential personal component is paramount in establishing a loyal, trusted relationship with all entities involved. At Link N Freight we reserve an unwavering policy to treat our clients and carriers with the highest echelon of appreciation, due respect, courtesy, and kindness regardless of the situation.


Obviously, the political winds have changed drastically. With a prioritized emphasis directed at stimulating manufacturing, energy, infrastructure, international fair trade balance and jobs. This political paradigm shift will positively effect Logistics / Transportation modeling and growth. Our sources share that this economic business strategy will be expedited. Also, the U.S. Armed Forces are being reviewed for substantial growth strengthening our global position. We at Link N Freight are prepared to meet these challenges.